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Update : Horse tram service to return for 2016!

News article taken from (issued by Department of Infrastucture on Thursday 24th March 2016)  The Department of Infrastructure has announced that it will take on responsibility for the operation of the Douglas Bay horse tram service  for the 2016 season. The Department has stepped in to ensure the continuation of the trams between April and September this year following the decision by  Douglas Borough Council to end the service. The temporary solution will allow interested parties to continue discussions about the  possibility of preserving the long-term future of the horse trams.  The Department of Infrastructure will operate the service this summer, with additional support provided by the Department of Economic  Development, Manx National Heritage and Culture Vannin. The horse trams will become part of the Isle of Man Government’s 2016 heritage  transport offering, alongside the Steam Railway and Manx Electric Railway.  The Department of Infrastructure is not seeking any extra funding from central government to run the horse trams. It will put in place a  plan aimed at reducing operating costs and generating additional income.  The stables, tram sheds, horses and tram cars owned by Douglas Borough Council will be used by the Department under the terms of a  proposed licence.  Infrastructure Minister Phil Gawne MHK said:  ‘I am delighted that many different parties have been able to work together to secure a temporary reprieve for the horse trams, especially  as 2016 marks the 140th anniversary of the service. The horse trams are an important visitor attraction and an iconic part of the Isle of  Man’s cultural heritage. This short-term solution means we will be able to honour visitor bookings for the summer season. It will also allow  more time to consider any workable options to retain the service beyond 2016.’  He added:  ‘It is clear that substantial investment in new track and buildings is needed if the horse trams are to continue in the years ahead. Planning  approval for a new route for the tram tracks would also be required. Those are major considerations for the future, but for now I wish to  thank the politicians and officers who worked together to achieve such a positive outcome in a very short timeframe. I would also  encourage people to seize this opportunity and make the most of the horse tram service this summer.’  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 

Douglas Horse Tram Service to be discontinued

Press release issued by Douglas Borough Council on Thursday 21 January 2016 at 20:07 It is with very great regret, following detailed discussions and meetings, that Douglas Borough Council is to discontinue the Douglas horse  tram service because of the increased financial burden on Douglas ratepayers.    The decision to terminate the service was passed at a special meeting of the Council on Thursday January 21 2016.    The decision follows a proposal by the Council to amalgamate the Tramway Terrace stables site with the tramway hub at the Strathallan  site, a scheme estimated, as of December 2015, to cost in the region of £2.9million. When this was received at a joint meeting of the  Executive and Regeneration and Community Committees in December, Members determined the scheme was not financially viable and  presented a number of unresolved issues, and therefore decided not to progress the project.    The proposal was to finance the scheme by a thirty year loan, which would have cost the Council £4,800,000 over its life.    Key factors determining the resolution to end the service, which comes in the wake of the Council’s budgetary projections ahead of setting  the rate levy on January 27 for the 2016-2017 financial year, were the service’s year-on-year deficit, currently running at £263,000, coupled  with the associated loan charge equating to an annual impact on the rates of over £420,000.    Council Leader Councillor David Christian MBE JP said: ‘The Council must always act in the best interests of the ratepayers of Douglas. To  continue operating the horse tram service would place an unacceptable level of burden on the ratepayer, not only for the coming financial  year, but also for the foreseeable future. The Council recognises the important contribution the service has made to the Island’s vintage  transport heritage but Douglas, as with all local authorities, is having to make difficult decisions to fund, protect and develop key services.    'The Council has a duty to face and adapt to stark financial realities, to maintain a firm grip on its finances and deliver value for money to  the ratepayer. Were the Council to continue operating the horse tram service it would be failing in that duty.'    Regeneration and Community Committee Chairman Councillor John Skinner said: ‘I should like to take this opportunity to thank the  tramway staff for their hard work and long-standing commitment to the service, also to the many local residents and visitors who have  supported the horse tram service over the years.    ‘The Council recognises the affection in which the horse tram service is held, both in the island and around the world, but these are difficult  times that demand rigorous examination of expenditure, current and future. Against this background the horse tram service is, regrettably,  no longer sustainable.’    The Council will be relocating the service’s horses to good homes and offer the rolling stock to transport museums, either in the Island or  the UK, while the Tramway Terrace/stable site and the Strathallan site are to be offered for sale. This will therefore mean that the horse  trams will not operate for the 2016 season. 
Celebrating 140 years on 7th August 2016 !
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